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TotalVote Election Software

TotalVote is a centralized voter registration and election management system that securely captures and manages voter, candidate and all election information. It is the only software system that encompasses the entire election process into one system. Rather than transferring data from system to system and dealing with compatibility issues, election officials are able to log into one system and work on any aspect of the election process.

TotalVote Solutions

Voter Registration – The TotalVote® Voter Registration System is currently used to help streamline the voter registration process for state and county election officials.

Election Management – The Election Management module within TotalVote® provides all election functions in a single, unified manner for ALL elections including statewide primary, special and general elections plus local elections.

Election Night Reporting – Voters, candidates and the news media all want fast, accurate results on Election Night. TotalVote can help you deliver Election Night Reporting results that are easy for the public to understand and available to anyone, anywhere, on most devices.

Online Voter Registration – TotalVote’s online voter registration system is a quick and straightforward process for the voter, who is guided through a smooth step-by-step interface.

Voter Information Portal – The TotalVote® Voter Information Portal (VIP) ensures voters are informed, educated and prepared for Election Day.

Campaign Finance – With TotalVote® Campaign Finance system, political parties, candidates, organizations, and the general public benefit from useful tools for filing and viewing campaign finance information.

Petition Management – The Petition Management Tool within TotalVote® provides a simple system to manage the complex petition process and has many built-in options that accommodate the various laws and processes each state and locality has for filing petitions.

Electronic Ballot Delivery – While the system was initially designed for voters living and serving overseas, our Electronic Ballot Delivery system can now be a valuable resource for voters with disabilities who can vote by mail, independently and privately, using our technology.

TotalAddress – TotalAddress is a standalone software product that can integrate with any existing voter registration system and can connect to any County or State system, such as tax and land records to provide GIS-based address management.