View the results that matter to you

KNOWiNK provides a dynamic solution for your election night needs. The TotalResults Election Night Reporting (ENR) platform is fully customizable, offers seamless data migration, and is the most user-friendly interface on the market. We provide an easy-to-navigate administration process with minimal clicks to upload and review files before publication.

TotalResults delivers a secure environment for election officials at the state and local level to display election results to the public, candidates, and media outlets to view on multiple formats. TotalResults solves the growing demand for quickly and easily viewing election results on a mobile device while also being optimized for viewing on any size display without distortion.

TotalResults is an easy-to-use solution for election officials and individuals reviewing and downloading election night results, minimizing calls to your office.

From the state to the precinct, the TotalResults ENR platform was built to provide a straightforward, dependable, secure solution to meet your growing needs.