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KNOW what is happening with your elections with ePulse.

ePulse is an all-inclusive election management suite designed to give administrators real-time access to monitor their election as a whole. All Poll Pads connect to this central hub where voter check-in data is securely transferred via WiFi or cellular networks in near real time. This tool allows for administrators to oversee the operation of individual precincts and Poll Pads including battery life of the device, average check-in times, number of ballots issued or spoiled; all the while ensuring the election authority can directly contact poll workers via video or text message for speedy trouble resolution.

ePulse aims to be as intuitive and user-friendly as the Poll Pads themselves. The simple-to-view dashboards give the user an overview of election data essentials which can be easily digested and exported into customizable reports.

ePulse features

  • Customizable real-time and election night reporting
  • Ballot tracking
  • Inventory tracking
  • Issue tracking
  • Poll worker time-tracking
  • Election night reporting
  • Video and text messaging communications from Poll Pads to ePulse
  • Run concurrent elections
  • Update voter rolls minutes before an election in near real-time