Founded and operated by former Election Officials, we know that every Election Authority is unique.

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KNOWiNK provides a unique approach and a proven solution rooted in what we have learned from our extensive experience as former election officials and in speaking to election authorities across the country about their specific needs. Our approach and innovative solution will deliver an incomparable, state-of-the-art, seamless voter check-in and verification process for your election authority.

We are committed to growing with your jurisdiction to meet your evolving needs and to help you achieve your vision to modernize your elections with best-in-class technology. Therefore, KNOWiNK is in a constant state of development in order to enhance the overall election experience for your voters and everyone involved with running the elections. One of our top priorities is to continue advancing the functionality of to make voting easier for workers and voters alike.

KNOWiNK Managing Director Scott Leiendecker is a former Election Director for the City of St. Louis and the creator of the Poll Pad electronic poll book, which has been selected by election authorities for use in 26 states plus Washington, D.C.

During his time at the City of St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners, Scott oversaw a $2.5 million annual budget and managed more than 25 full-time employees. He successfully implemented the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and the Missouri Centralized Voter Registration (MCVR), being the first in the State to implement MCVR. Scott transformed the St. Louis City Election Board by updating an outmoded system that resulted in better ballot security, protection for voters and significantly improved the speed and efficiency of the Election Board.

The St. Louis City Mayor and Board of Alderman recognized Scott for his leadership for helping to restore the public trust in the election process. He also received a resolution from the Missouri House and Senate for his commitment to fair, transparent elections and praise from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) for the City’s improvement.

In 2010 Scott accepted a commission from the U.S. EAC to Kosovo where he helped oversee the country’s first-ever parliamentary election. Following his commission, Scott founded KNOWiNK in 2011.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, KNOWiNK has leveraged the knowledge of election officials with former government and commercial information technology professionals to deliver a total solution for election authorities. The company offers the Poll Pad electronic poll book and ePulse election management application to help election officials save taxpayer time and money, and maintain efficient and transparent elections.

Scott Leiendecker

Managing Director

Our History

KNOWiNK launched in 2011 and is providing the nation’s leading electronic poll book technology. We have embraced the newest advances in technology to make the voting experience easier for voters, more efficient for election workers and more affordable for taxpayers.

The Poll Pad allows for seamless voter check-in and verification that is dramatically reducing wait times for voters and saving money for taxpayers with efficiencies for state and local governments.

KNOWiNK was founded by Scott Leiendecker, a former Election Director for the City of St. Louis. With his years of experience running elections, Leiendecker brings a unique understanding of the challenges facing election officials. KNOWiNK creates customized solutions for election authorities to meet the individual needs of municipalities, cities, counties and states.

Our electronic poll book is now providing service to over 650 election authorities in 23 states and Washington, D.C. In addition to its popular Poll Pad product, KNOWiNK continues to be an industry leader in developing next-generation election technology with products including ePulse and myVote.

Experience matters, and with the most experienced elections team, KNOWiNK has grown to service over 650 election authorities in 23 states, PLUS Elections Canada. We have become the largest and most trusted electronic poll book solution in North America.

The KNOWiNK team includes 10 former election administrators with over 100 years of combined election experience. These former election administrators understand the critical responsibilities and expectations jurisdictions face during elections. They are here at KNOWiNK to ensure the best customer service to your election administration poll workers, and voters.


With these poll pads, the lines and wait times were much shorter, as it literally only takes seconds to process a voter.  In addition to being extremely fast, these poll pads make the check-in process essentially fool proof. To add to the benefits, you will no longer have a need for paper lists or phone calls for look-ups, as this system includes every voter for your county, along with their information. 

Laurie S. Hall

Judge of Probate, Marengo County

As a working mom the last thing I want to add to my plate is voting with my toddlers, yet this morning I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. I honestly was debating not voting due to a tight schedule that would involve taking my kids with me; however, while getting ready the local news was covering a story about Polling Pads. The story highlighted how much more accurate and quicker the voting process would be. I decided to throw caution to the wind and see if this story was real-life, and it was! 

Brie B.

Shelby County Alabama voter, Alabama Primary, 2018

We love the Poll Pads!  KnowInk customized them to suit our needs.  They speed up the whole process.  We use vote centers with printer on demand so the voter gets the correct ballot every time.  Poll workers and voters love them!

Judy Dickerson

Election Director

Poll Pad was a big improvement over the legacy system it replaced in 2016, both in the Primary and General Elections.  The District aggressively rolled out new voting equipment and pollbook system concurrently in June. Poll Pad’s intuitive setup and operation, safeguards against error, top tier customer support, and user-friendliness for the poll workers were all big contributors to the success 2016 rollout.

Alice Miller

Executive Director, Board of Elections

The KNOWiNK team has built an innovative solution which is both poll worker and voter friendly. When Illinois enacted Same Day Registration legislation, we searched for a system to help us meet the changing election rules. The Poll Pad is the best product available! And, they are committed to continue to enhance their system. I could go on and on about their support but simply the KNOWiNK staff is dedicated to make sure each election we have is a success!

Bruce Clark

County Clerk - Kankakee County, Illinois

Please pass my THANKS on to all of the KnowInk gurus who made our Election Day FLAWLESS! We did not have any issues at all…no problems with connectivity!  What a blessing Poll Pads are to our voting process.

Pam Fowler

Huntington County Voter Registration & Election Deputy

Poll Pad has greatly increased the speed and accuracy of processing voters on Election Day making for a much improved voter experience during both early voting and Election Day.


Director of Elections

Our election workers have fallen in love with the KNOWiNK poll pads. The ease of use as well as the wealth of features makes them an integral part of our efforts to modernize the voting process in Sedgwick County. We have seen increased efficiencies of over 200 post-election man-hours saved. These poll books have been a real game changer for our office, we love them!

Tabitha Lehman

Election Commissioner | Sedgwick County Election Office

The addition of KNOWINK’s Poll Pads changed our early voting process for the better! The pads sped up our voter processing making life easier for poll workers and voters alike. KNOWINK’s team was also very attentive, willing and able to make changes to fit our needs making the transition as smooth as possible.

Tyler Church

Assistant City Clerk of Elections

The Town of Northborough MA utilized Poll Pads for the first time during the early voting period leading up to the November 2016 Presidential Election.  The Poll Pads proved to be an invaluable part of our success as we conducted early voting for the first time in Massachusetts.  Both the voters and election workers were impressed by the Poll Pad product; specifically due to its ease of use, time saving efficiency, and improved accuracy.  I would highly recommend the Poll Pad product.

Andrew T. Dowd

Town Clerk/Notary/Justice of the Peace AND President of the Massachusetts Clerk Association

My staff and I find the KnowInk Poll Pads extremely user friendly and reliable. The KnowInk support staff has proven to be extremely helpful and only a phone call away whenever there is an issue. Their team of project managers and service technicians are very knowledgeable on all KnowInk products and provide onsite support. I highly recommend KnowInk as your provider of election equipment because my experience has been very satisfying

Niko Vangjeli

Assistant City Clerk, Worcester, Massachusetts

Poll Pad allowed us to employ roughly 300 fewer poll workers during the 2016 Presidential Election. Poll Pad provided an improved voter experience during a highly visible election and also saved the County significant amounts of time and money.

Eric Fey

St. Louis County Democratic Election Director

From our Election Officials to our voters, the county could not be happier with KnowInk’s Poll Pads. After implementation, our voter check-in process is so streamlined and lines are almost nonexistent. We are now providing our voters with a much faster voting experience and our staff with a more expedient voting history upload post-election. KnowInk has continued working with us to provide software updates and unparalleled customer support to ensure that every election runs as efficiently as possible and we can stay current with an ever changing environment.

Karla R. Herron

Director CERA Delaware County Board of Elections

KnowInk ROCKS! It has been a pleasure working with the team from KnowInk. The team was more than willing to make adjustments to meet our requirements, and were available to us no matter what the time was that we called (in fact there were times I expected to leave a late evening message only to have them immediately return my call). KnowInk was there to hold our hand and ensure our first election was a complete success.

Carolyn S. Gorup

CERA Manager Elections Technology Franklin County Board of Elections

KnowInk has provided Franklin County with exceptional customer service throughout the entire process! From purchasing, to training, to Election Day support, KnowInk’s entire staff has been there for us. They have always provided answers to our questions, and ideas to enhance our programs and procedures.

Steve Bulen

Precinct Election Official Manager

Poll workers and voters especially appreciated how easy the Poll Pads are to use…it’s really a wow factor.

Nellie Gorbea

Rhode Island Secretary of State

The Poll Pads are a fabulous product!  Our pollworkers love them – in fact they fight over who gets to use them.  Using the Poll Pad has reduced the amount of time necessary to check in a voter by over 50%, so we need fewer pollworkers.  The support provided by KnowInk has been excellent – the training and the user manuals are first rate! 

Linda Phillips

Administrator of Elections, Shelby County Election Commission

Both our election workers and our voters were impressed with the efficiency, intuitiveness and simplicity of the KnowInk Poll Pads. We experienced significantly fewer set up issues than we had with our older equipment. Check in was faster for the voters, and tear down was super simple for weary workers at the end of the night.

Melynn Huntley

Election Administrator

We purchased 13 poll pads in time for use in the May 2016 Election and we are EXTREMELY happy with the ease of use and functionality of the poll pads.  Checking voters, the reports you can run and the way it updates is amazing and saves so much TIME!

Blanca McBride

Elections Administrator, DeWitt County, Texas

Poll Pad ease of use and flexibility has allowed Fairfax County to dramatically decrease preparation time and post election audits, while simplifying the process for the election workers at the polling place. The support and turnaround time on any inquiries we have is first rate.

Erica R. Newsome

Deputy Director, Innovations and Technology Fairfax County Office of Elections