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By: Knowink Admin
Posted On: December 31st, 2020

The assertions made about unauthorized access to our systems are patently false. The man claiming that someone ‘got into’ our systems did not happen according to our forensic analysis. There was no ‘hack,’ there was no ‘back door’ entry, there was no ‘pump and dump,’ and there was no access through a ‘thermostat’ located hundreds of miles away in Savannah.

We also take exception to the misidentification of our systems in the man’s testimony, which attempted to conflate our electronic poll books with voting machines and tabulators. Let us be clear about what our company does and doesn’t do. We do provide secure electronic poll books, which help voters check in at their polling place and reduce lines at the polls. We do not produce, provide or service voting machines or tabulators, and our systems are not connected to voting machines or tabulators. We check voters in our electronic poll books and voters use another system to vote.

Moreover, our electronic poll books are not being used for voter check-ins during the early voting process currently underway in Georgia, and they won’t be used until next Tuesday on Election Day.

Our products have been lauded as providing the most secure elections, but we never stop there. We routinely and voluntarily subject our election technology to the highest security scrutiny including by government and private technology security agencies.

We look forward to continuing to serve the voters and election authorities in Georgia to help prevent long lines at the polls and to make the election check-in process as effective and efficient as possible.

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