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Georgia Election Officials Mark New Milestone in Election Efficiency

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By: Knowink Admin
Posted On: January 5th, 2021

KNOWiNK’s Poll Pad Helping Dramatically Reduce Wait Times for Georgia Voters

With all eyes on Georgia for the U.S. Senate runoff election, voters who turned out on Election Day had another easy experience.  The Secretary of State’s office reported that the U.S. Senate runoff election was running smoothly with wait times averaging just one minute at polling locations throughout the Peach State.

“After wait times averaging just 2 minutes on November 3rd, Georgia’s election administration is hitting a new milestone for effectiveness and efficiency,” said Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The reduced wait times are even more remarkable considering the state saw record voter turnout in the runoff election.

One of the reasons for the increased efficiency is the state’s selection of KNOWiNK as the state’s electronic poll book vendor.  This was the third statewide election in which Georgia used KNOWiNK’s signature product, the Poll Pad, the nation’s leading electronic poll book. Nearly 6,800 Poll Pads were deployed in Georgia for the Senate runoff election.

“Georgia ran another model election under the leadership of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, together with the state’s election directors, officials and their staff, and all of the poll workers who worked so hard to serve voters,” said KNOWiNK CEO Scott Leiendecker.  “We are proud to work with such a great team of election officials and to do our part to help them achieve their goals of achieving more effective and efficient elections, that are run with the highest integrity.”

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