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Long lines on Election Day continue to be a problem, especially in high-turnout elections like the 2014 General Election. Now more State Legislatures are adding Same Day Registration rules, extended Early Voting periods, and Vote Centers.

Poll Pad
Your solution for quick and efficient voter check-in

The iPad-based electronic Poll Pad is the next generation of electronic poll books for voters & election officials.

Poll Pad, the electronic poll book

  • Ease of use, intuitive & friendly design
  • Most advanced & secure operating system (FIPS 140-2 certification)
  • Processes voters on ONE system in seconds
  • Eliminates long lines & A-K confusion
  • Configures easily to your specifications
  • Sets up easily & seamlessly with no peripherals
  • Quickly Syncs data in real time for accurate reporting

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Ground Control
Your solution for navigating and managing elections on your terms

Establishes communications, automates & simplifies the dissemination of voter records & changes in voter statuses such as Absentee Voting, Early Voting, & voter roll. Also provides a unique software suite for poll worker management, messaging services, reporting and more.

Managing an election with an electronic poll book from KNOWiNK

  • Manage elections from your office through a web portal
  • Integrates easily with any Voter Registration System
  • Import and export voter files instantaneously
  • Track Poll Pad activity and voter turnout in real time
  • Manage Poll Workers time and attendance
  • Create reports for Poll Watchers and media
  • Prepare Voter History quickly without manual scanning or data entry

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Ballot on Demand
Your solution for cutting printing costs and eliminating waste

Use the Poll Pad to print a full-size paper ballot as a part of the check-in process. Remove human error; voters receive the correct ballot every time.


  • Print multiple ballot styles upon voter check-in on Poll Pad
  • Simple set up and integration
  • Eliminate worry of running out of ballots
  • Reduce paper, toner, printing costs and waste of unused ballots

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Same Day Registration
Your solution for cutting printing costs and eliminating waste!

Eliminate paper forms by processing new registrants on the Poll Pad. Print compact receipts for wet signature & storage. Data is formatted for upload into your VR database.


  • Eliminate paper forms and process new voters electronically on Poll Pad
  • Quickly accept identification and verify eligibility of new voters
  • Unclog the lines for pre-registered voters
  • Simplify the process for your poll workers

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Providing the highest level of security is our commitment.
By choosing the Apple iPad for our commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware, we have partnered with the most secure mobile operating system available today – iOS. After spending billions in research and development, iOS holds the highest level of security certification by the federal government, FIPS 140-2. Apple has ensured the iOS environment is secure for use in Department of Defense, Large Enterprises, and local government authorities across the country. From application sandboxing to virus invincibility, iOS is the clear choice for our secure e-poll book solution.

iOS FIPS Certification | Bluetooth Sync

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