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Your Poll Workers will be able to check-in voters in 20 seconds or less.


The Poll Pad is the only electronic Poll Book solution contained entirely on one piece of award winning hardware, the Apple iPad.


The Poll Pad eliminates the need to manually scan cards to retain voter history. Save thousands of dollars on expensive manual labor.
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mem016All political subdivisions will be saving money on this. Judges will like them, and voters will really love them because they can go to any line they want to.Rich Chrismer, St. Charles County Missouri Election Director
116107527The Poll Pad is a very exciting solution that will help us simplify the election process. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, easy for the poll worker, and easy for the voter.Kara Clark Summers, Cape Girardeau County Clerk
AP_RGBScott Leiendecker [Founder of KNOWiNK] is one of the drivers of the technological trend.Associated Press
images[The Poll Pads] speeded things up so poll workers weren’t looking through the three inch thick book and  it was far less work on the back end because no one had to scan in signatures for voter history.Robin Carnahan, Missouri Secretary of State

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An Intuitive, User-Friendly Electronic Poll Book Contained Entirely on an iPad®
The Poll Pad

Electronic Poll Book

Advance Your Election Day Operations

An all-in-one solution, the Poll Pad is entirely contained within one piece of award winning hardware, the easy to use Apple iPad. No more complicated set up or fussing with cords or external devices - no one needs that stress on Election Day.

With Poll Workers at ease on a one-touch system designed specifically for them, voters will check in at a lightning pace. Watch the lines at your polling places move quickly, and the call volume from precincts to Election Officials diminish drastically.

Using the worlds most advanced operating system, the Poll Pad transfers data at brilliant speeds and will update your voter history records faster than ever before - and record them correctly. Let this powerful lightweight eliminate long hours of manual data entry.

Created by Election Officials, For Election Officials

Founded by seasoned election officials, KNOW iNK knows what you need to be succesful on Election Day. The Poll Pad is designed from the ground up to be simple to use, simple to transport, and simple to administer.

Record Voter History in Minutes

Save Time and Money... Stop manually scanning paper cards

Voter History can be imported straight from the Poll Pad to your existing voter registration system. Save hundreds of hours of costly manual labor and rest easy knowing your voter history will be accurately and reliably recorded.

Lightweight, All-in-one Solution

The Only Electronic Poll Book Contained on a Single Piece of Hardware!

The Poll Pad is built on the most user fiendly and convenient computer system in the world, the Apple iPad. There's a reason Apple has sold over 100 million iPads. They're easy to use, lightweight, and reliable. Why not bring this technology to the polling place?

Other Electronic Poll Books require laptop computers, signature pads, external scanners, and all other types of cords and power adapters. The Poll Pad is drop dead simple: just one piece of hardware, because you don't need extra headaches on Election Day!

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In Tuesday’s special election, 15 jurisdictions simplify Election Day and save taxpayer dollars by implementing resource-savvy election technology developed by former Misouri election officials June 4, 2013 –  ST. LOUIS – Fiscally responsible counties are taking the lead in conserving tax dollars by using technology to transform the election process.  On Tuesday, 15 counties in [...]

St. Charles Suburban Journal: Voters use iPads to sign in at some St. Charles County polling places

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Voters at nine polling places on April 2 used iPads for the first time to sign in before receiving a ballot to cast their votes. The iPads replaced signing in on a paper ledger and will be available at all 121 of the county’s precincts by the April 2014 election, said Rich Chrismer, county elections director.

“Oh man, the judges and voters absolutely loved them,” Chrismer said the day after the election.

“The Poll Pad is a very exciting solution that will help us simplify the election process. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, easy for the poll worker, and easy for the voter. We’re truly delighted to be one of the first election authorities in Missouri.”

Kara Clark Summers
Cape Girardeau County Clerk