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The Next Generation Electronic Poll Book

Poll Pad

The Poll Pad is the electronic poll book that will transform your Election Day experience. Designed by Election Officials, the Poll Pad uses innovative technology to equip Poll Workers, simplify voter check-in, and provide instant updates to voter history.

Created as a fully integrated system in which every function works together seamlessly, the Poll Pad is cost-effective and user-friendly. You will find the Poll Pad is easy to set up, easy to use, and therefore, easy for training.

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Real Winners of the 8th Congressional District Election are the Taxpayers

June 5th by admin

In Tuesday’s special election, 15 jurisdictions simplify Election Day and save taxpayer dollars by implementing resource-savvy election technology developed by former Misouri election officials June 4, 2013 –  ST. LOUIS – Fiscally responsible counties are taking the lead in conserving tax dollars by using technology to transform the election process.  On Tuesday, 15 counties in [...]

St. Charles Suburban Journal: Voters use iPads to sign in at some St. Charles County polling places

April 8th by admin

Voters at nine polling places on April 2 used iPads for the first time to sign in before receiving a ballot to cast their votes. The iPads replaced signing in on a paper ledger and will be available at all 121 of the county’s precincts by the April 2014 election, said Rich Chrismer, county elections director.

“Oh man, the judges and voters absolutely loved them,” Chrismer said the day after the election.

“The Poll Pad is a very exciting solution that will help us simplify the election process. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, easy for the poll worker, and easy for the voter. We’re truly delighted to be one of the first election authorities in Missouri.”

Kara Clark Summers
Cape Girardeau County Clerk